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Career Questions tagged Creator

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stella Aug 15 437 views

How can I get a business off the ground?

My parents have always encouraged me (14) to have my own business, so I when I suggested that I sell my art, they were super excited. However, due to our extremely busy lives, the idea of me owning a small business was thrown to the side for at least a year. I want to start a business, but I...

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Armanius Nov 05, 2021 339 views

How Can I Turn This Into A Business For My Child.

#Thinker, #Creator, #Persuader #entrepreneur

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Aaron Oct 26, 2021 521 views

What are the pros & cons of becoming a video game designer?

I've been into video games and love playing them since I first owned a PlayStation for as long I could remember when I around 7 or 8 years old. I always wanted to design and make a video game or my own console. What are the steps in becoming a video game designer and is it worth it as a...

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Ang Sep 17, 2018 1253 views

I want to be a cartoon or tv show creator (creator/writer- not animator) What are the best things to major in for this career? What are the best colleges to go to?

#art #major #college-major #college #cartoon #TV #television #writing #creative #creator #cartoon-creator #cartoon-writer #TV-show-writer #Television-Writer #writer

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Jaylen Apr 19, 2018 654 views

What degree do I need to become a computer engineer?


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Jasson Jun 23, 2015 1035 views

how do i become a MMA professional fighter

i am going to 11th grade i and i go to Galileo high school. I've fought a couple of times and i haven't lost. i am undefeated so far. i also want to be a creator in building new things #creator #fighter #mma