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What degree do I need to become a computer engineer?

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Most likely a computer science degree focusing on engineering. I know that computer security and programming are in the field. Stephen R.

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Joanne’s Answer


A Bachelors of Science degree in computer engineering is a good start.

Many colleges offer them - my son is pursuing an Electrical & Computer Engineering degree and is enjoying it.

You have to be educationally disciplined - it's a major that will require a lot of time learning and practicing what you learn in a team environment.

Lev’s Answer


For many tech companies and startups, a degree is not required to be hired as a software engineer. They want to know that you're a skilled and capable engineer.

However, studying computer science and/or computer engineering would be very helpful.

You're also gonna want to find some internships or get some hands on industry experience otherwise by freelancing for example.