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Jaylen Apr 19, 2018 654 views

What degree do I need to become a computer engineer?


Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 29, 2018 1562 views

How is it being a female in a male-dominated career?

I am majoring in Computer Science and it is clear to me that there is a huge gender-gap. I am a bit worried about being over-looked because I will be a female in a male-dominated career. Any tips on how to stand-out and how to not let the gender-gap affect you? Thank you so much for your...

sydnee’s Avatar
sydnee Oct 27, 2020 423 views

What does one day look like as a zookeeper?

I'm in 8th grade I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having us ask questions about the careers we would like to do when we get older. #tech #career #career-development #zookeepers #anyzookeepers

Xochitl’s Avatar
Xochitl May 19, 2021 326 views

How much do animators make?

I would like to know what I’m getting myself into before I fully committee myself to one thing. #technology

Katia’s Avatar
Katia Mar 12, 2017 2812 views

What does a biotechnologist do on a daily basis?

I'm interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology, but I'm not sure what their day-to-day tasks look like. #biology #tech #biotechnology #women-in-tech

Yahel’s Avatar
Yahel Jul 08, 2021 695 views

What is the most hard part of Software engineer?

I want to know how hard is to learn this career #computer-software #technology

Anthony Jr’s Avatar
Anthony Jr Jul 06, 2021 433 views

What are the steps I need to take to become a Interior designer without an degree?

#interior-design #business #technology

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Jul 01, 2021 474 views

What is the purpose of this platform?

I like #math, #technology, watch NBA #basketball games and sharing with my loved ones. Also, I have computing skills and I am proficient in microsoft office.

Qianna’s Avatar
Qianna Jul 06, 2021 451 views

How to decide what career path is for you?

I have many interest such as cheerleading, baking/cooking, fashion and writing music. I like to be creative and being hands on. #careerpath