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Where do I start after high school for modeling?

What do I specifically do and how ?

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3 answers

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Tashnim’s Answer

That's exciting! Graduating high school is a extraordinary time to dispatch yourself into a modeling career. Here are a few introductory steps to consider:

1. Investigate & Learn:

Research Modeling Types: Fashion, commercial, print, runway - there are numerous! Distinctive segments have different requirements. Understanding what interests you most will guide your approach
Industry Information: Learn the lingo, how agencies work, and what goes on behind the scenes. Resources like articles, websites, and even Youtube videos can be helpful.
2. Develop Your Look:

Take Care of Yourself: Keeping up healthy skin, hair, and in general well-being is essential for any model.
Practice Posing: Try in front of a mirror to discover flattering poses and angles. Observe tutorials or take a posing course for more guidance.
3. Build Your Portfolio:

Invest in Quality Photographs: Get proficient headshots and full-body shots that exhibit your unique look. Natural light and straightforward clothing frequently work best.
4. Discover Representation (Optional):

Research Organizations: Look for reputable agencies in your region or those specializing in your modeling type. Genuine agencies won't inquire for upfront fees.
Consider Open Calls: These are opportunities for agencies to see new models. Investigate and get ready accordingly.
Additional Tips:

Build an Online Presence: A professional social media profile exhibiting your look can be helpful, but be careful of what you post.
Modeling Schools (Optional): These can provide training in posing, runway walking, and exploring the industry. However, they aren't continuously necessary for a successful career.
Remember, modeling requires diligence and self-belief. Be prepared to hustle and take rejections in stride. Good luck!
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Mauricio’s Answer

Hi Olivia!

So, you're thinking about pursuing modeling after high school? That's awesome! It's a competitive field, but totally worth it if it's your passion. Here's a little roadmap to get you started:

First things first, follow your dreams! If modeling is what you're passionate about, go for it with all your heart. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Next, get yourself prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally. Modeling can be demanding, so take care of yourself. Eat healthily, stay active, and make sure you're in a good headspace to handle the ups and downs of the industry.

When it comes to breaking into modeling, consider building a portfolio of professional photos. Look for reputable photographers who can capture your best angles and showcase your versatility.

Networking is key! Attend casting calls, fashion events, and connect with industry professionals. Building relationships can open doors to opportunities you never imagined.

Remember, modeling isn't just about striking a pose. It can lead to other artistic endeavors like acting, photography, or fashion design. Keep an open mind and be willing to explore different avenues within the industry.

Lastly, don't let the stereotypes or stigmas associated with modeling discourage you. Embrace your uniqueness and let your personality shine through.

It's a journey, but if you're passionate and dedicated, the sky's the limit! Go chase those dreams and make them a reality. You've got this!

May the force be with you!
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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Olivia !

There are some things you can do now to prepare yourself for a career in modeling after you graduate from high school. Two of the more important necessary things are to go to modeling school and start a collection of photos of yourself in various clothing, makeup and hair styles. Be creative and also read a lot about modeling.

Once you are 18 and have experience in modeling, I would advise registering at some modeling agencies and I have provided a link below to a list of these agencies for you. Try to get experience by being in some fashion shows now in your town. Make sure you get a drivers license because you will need to be available for work. Also start a portfolio of your various styles and make an online portfolio too because some agencies may want you to e-mail the portfolio. Have both a hard copy and an electronic online one.

Than submit your portfolio to some online modeling agencies. The way it works is that if they are interested in you, they will call you for an interview. Never answer a notice that claims that they are hiring models with no experience necessary. Only interact with reputable agencies. Also look for online model sites that you can add your profile and photo on. Read a lot about modeling and watch some videos to become more familiar with the career. Watch some of the videos at the link below to gain more understanding about modeling. You'll need to be prepared before you begin to submit your portfolio and obtain jobs. If you want steady work, you can try living in New York City, but only go there when you are experienced and very prepared. Explore the opportunities in the major cities in your state for now.

There are three modeling schools in Ohio. One in Cleveland, Seven Hills and in Akron. I have left a link for you below so that you can explore these schools. The reason school is necessary is that in order to obtain modeling jobs, you will be expected to know exactly what to do and be able to take direction. Modeling school can help you develop your skills, give you feed back and suggestions and perhaps give you leads on some modeling opportunities. Because it is an opinion business, keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed and there's no way to tell how your career will go. If you have persistence, the ability to sell yourself and lots of patience, you should do well.

I hope that this has been of help and I wish you all the best !

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