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As a PSEO student, what is more beneficial.. graduating from my PSEO institution or transferring on to the college I want to go to?

This question came to my mind because I was having a conversation with a friend who was done with all her credits needed to earn her associate degree from a community college. She was also a PSEO student but she told me that she is not graduating from the community college, in fact, she is just going to transfer. According to her, the reason for doing so is because when one is graduating they get less financial aid as compared to students who are transferring. I am just really confused now, should I graduate from my community college or should I just transfer? #pseo #transfer #graduate

PS: PSEO is a program which lets high school students finish their associate degree or get done with some of their college classes while they are still high school students!

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Ifran’s Answer

It depends on your major as well as the courses offered where you want to transfer to.

Ifran recommends the following next steps:

First, make sure the college where you are trying to get has the courses that you are doing in your community college.
If it's a match then take those courses in the community college as you pay less in a community college for the same courses but make sure the college would initiate the transfer.
If it does not match, it's a good idea to transfer school.