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When applying for Med school how important is the school from which you took your pre-requisites from?

Asked Castle Rock, Washington

As my goal is a path that takes me onto medical school, I want to make sure that the choice of college doesn’t hinder my options too much. For example, can you take pre-requisites at a community college? #community-college #prerequisites

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Kimberly’s Answer


The school you choose to take your pre-requisite from is not as important as how well you do in the class. Choose a school that is familiar with pre health professional requirements, one that you can afford, and one that has a support system for pre health students. Unfortunately, most community college classes will not be equivalent to the same course for science majors on a four year campus. Even if you choose to major in a non science degree, you will need to take pre-requisites for science majors. But don't take my advice alone. Do your research. Start with the school you want to eventually graduate from and see if the community college courses will meet the requirements to be counted towards your intended degree. I would hate for you to take the class at a CC then have to retake it once you transfer.

Hope this helps!!

Dr. K

Kimberly recommends the following next steps:

  • Contact department at the four year school you want to graduate from to see if they accept pre health course credits.