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Is it better to buy or rent textbooks?

Asked Roanoke, Virginia

I know textbooks are really expensive in college so I wanted to know the best plan for getting textbooks. Does buying or renting make a difference in the cost of textbooks? If buying is better, should I get used or new books? #college #textbooks #cost

2 answers

Kerrie’s Answer

I would rent textbooks for classes that are not associated with your major. Buy the ones that are related to you major that have good reference material in them, I would buy used books because sometimes there are helpful notes in them:)

Jodi’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I would definitely buy used when you can - save some money! If it's your major, I would consider buying them for sure as you may need them for reference when you get to the working world. But rent those you think you'll never need to refer to again. If it doubt, buy them and sell them back later and you'll get some of your money back!