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What is the best way to save money on college textbooks?

I don't qualify for FAFSA's book advance, so i need advice on how to save on books! #textbooks #financial-planning #college

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2 answers

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Robert’s Answer

Congratulations for thinking ahead about ways to cut costs! Many times you can buy a used textbook for about half the cost of new. Also more books are available online now. You could also buddy up with someone in your class or a friend in a different section of the course and share a book ( if you do this, make sure to agree ahead of time on a study schedule for midterms, finals, & othe tests!). Good luck!

Hi Robert! Thanks so much for the amazing and encouraging advice that you gave Paula above! I had a few additional questions I wanted to ask you out of my own curiosity: 1. Do you know of any sites where you can find free pdf'd versions of books, or perhaps sites that have used books available for purchase? 2. Besides sharing books, what are some other ways that you think college students can save money in general? Any personal experience you might have would be great to hear! Thanks so much! -David David Ohta COACH

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Kelsey’s Answer

I recommend shopping around for your books - check out the used books available at your school book store, but also look online. If buying online I recommend searching by ISBN vs. title. The ISBN will make sure you get the correct edition textbook whereas searching by name might accidentally lead you to an older or outdated edition.