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Alon A. May 14, 2016 599 views
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Micah A. May 18, 2016 367 views

Do most student loans have to start being paid when you are still in college?

College is expensive and I am wondering if I should take out student loans or not. If I have to start paying it off right away and not after college, then I do not want to get them because I do not have a lot of money as of now....


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Hailey H. May 18, 2016 528 views

What kind of jobs can a student get after acquiring their Bachelors in History?

I am asking, because I plan on getting my Bachelors in History. #jobs...


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yenifer M. May 19, 2016 379 views

Whats a good score to get in SAT test. How can you study to get a good grade?

I asked this question because When I'm in 11 and 12 grade I want to pass this test. #college...


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jasmyn B. May 23, 2016 1157 views

What's the biggest difference and hardest adjustment transitioning from high school to college?

I'm and upcoming senior and I wanted to be prepared for the transition #college #student #college-bound...


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Muhammad J. May 24, 2016 539 views

Can I apply for scholarships at my school even though I didn't get one?

I'm going to be attending UCI and it's really expensive, and I was wondering if I can still receive scholarship money from UCI. #college #university #in #scholarship #california #undergrad...


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Sarah F. May 24, 2016 829 views

What are major difference between college and high school classes?

As an incoming college freshman, I am wondering what are major differences between college and high school classes? (Size of class, volume and difficulty of material, teaching styles, etc.) #college...


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Shakuan F. Jun 04, 2016 648 views

Why are merit-based scholarships offered by colleges demanding very high test scores and GPA's?

In the modern age, having a 2400 on the SAT (at least the previous version) and a 4.0+ GPA seems to be the only way to be fully-funded by universities, and for some that doesn't even cut it. Doesn't such standards discourage students from applying to those institutions? I understand that...

#college-selection #scholarships #scholarship #college #colleges

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Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 1916 views

Does "experience" always mean "professional experience"?

I see a lot of job/internship listings that require the applicant to have experiences in fields that suggest he may not necessarily need professional experience (a past position). For example, some social media internships require the candidate to have "social media experience: 1+ years". Would...

#social-media #job-applications #qualifying-prospects

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Tiffanie L. Jul 17, 2016 634 views

If you transfer your sophomore year in college how long will it take to accumulate a bachelor's degree?

Thinking about transferring to a school that is more focused on my career path #college #career #school...


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Zaire M. Aug 03, 2016 573 views

Does the high school you go to affect your chances getting into the college you want.

I go to Roxborough High school and I don't know why but when I tell people sometimes they tell me its a bad school to go to when its really not.Im just wondering if colleges will do the same thing and look over my application because of it....


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Zaire M. Aug 22, 2016 529 views

Are you allowed to change your major when your in college

I'm a little worried that when its time to pick a major that a will choose the wrong one.If I do can a switch to a different one....


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Kerissa L. Aug 25, 2016 1230 views

How do you know what career choice is best for you?

I am a high school student lately it has been a bit blurry when trying to decide what's the best option for a career because in the long run, I want to be happy with the choice that I make. I have a lot of varying interests which, makes it even harder to decided what I want. #college...


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Anita M. Aug 25, 2016 764 views

What extracuricular activities/volunteering should I do in Highschool?

Hey there! So, I'm going to become a freshman in a few days and I'm really lost on what I should do with my extracuricular activities/volunteering. I'm not apart of a sports team because I do not enjoy sports like others. And I'm not apart of a program (AVID, Theater, Sport Teams, etc.). What I...

#high-school #teacher #extracurriculars #student-clubs #college

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Gloria S. Sep 18, 2016 563 views

If I already have my major in mind, then how do I decide what minor I would want?

I would like to know how to pick a minor before attending college. I want to know how someone just picks a minor to focus on as well as their major while at college. Does the minor have to be similar to the major in any way? Or can it be...