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Sarah Sep 20, 2020 311 views

How do I create a medical school game

I am 15
I love playing games
I'm in high school
And creating #med-school

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Sarah Sep 20, 2020 269 views

How much do I charge for baby sitting and cleaning home services.

I need an after school job
I am 15
And I need a #high-school-job now..........

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Sarah Sep 20, 2020 240 views

How many fields are there in studying paediatrics

I am Sarah E.
I'm in high school and I'd love to be a paediatrician cause I love kids and love to care for them .
So I care to know the various fields in that area of study. #all

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Sarah Sep 20, 2020 253 views

How long does I take to study paediatrics in America

Actually I'd feel better if I wouldn't have to spend 9 or 10 years of studying medicine .
Atleast 6 years is cool