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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 1025 views

How much does it cost to study abroad?

I am curious and want to understand how much money goes into a single semester abroad. #college #college-bound #study-abroad

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 872 views

What country/countries have study abroad programs that are great for Math majors?

It is very difficult to determine what country to study abroad in that will relate to my major. Are there any countries that come to mind when you think "Math major?" #college #career #mathematics #math #college-bound #study-abroad

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 895 views

How can one determine the best country to study abroad in that relates to their major?

Hopefully this question can help anyone who is deciding that they want to study abroad but don't know where is the best place for them to do so. #college #college-major #college-bound #study-abroad #hbcu

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 1381 views

Do employers check social media accounts of those who are applying to their company?

There has been discussion over the years that employers check the social media pages of potential employees. Is this true? How wary should one be when posting online, even if the posts are private (between friends)? #job-search #social-media #background-checks

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 912 views

What professional websites (besides LinkedIn) should prospective and current college students look into?

The main professional website that people use is LinkedIn, but are there other websites people should look into? #college #college-bound #colleges #networking #linkedin

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 1126 views

How should one decide what minor to choose?

Some say that you should pick something that is interesting to you as a minor, but others would suggest picking a minor that will compliment your major. Which is a better suggestion? #college #college-major #college-bound #colleges #college-minor

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 1319 views

Is there an online database to find prestigious fellowships and programs?

I only know of a few of these programs, such as the Rhodes program, but is there a list or database of all programs like this, preferably online? #college #college-bound #databases #opportunities #fellowships

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 805 views

What are some great careers for Biology majors?

Since that is a very broad major, perhaps list some of the most rewarding jobs that someone who is a Bio major should look into. #college #college-major #biology #colleges

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 1547 views

What, based on your opinion, is the best "college matcher?"

An example would be Basically, what do you consider to be a great website/online resource to help prospective students find colleges that are a great fit for them? #college #college-admissions #college-bound #search

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 997 views

How can I prepare for next summer?

Since I didn't do anything this summer, I was wondering how I can start to prepare for next summer. I want to do something interesting, such as intern, volunteer, study abroad, etc, but I don't know where to start. Thanks! #internships #volunteering #internship #study-abroad #volunteer

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 947 views

Since it is too late to find internships, how else can I make my summer more "enriching?"

I never knew that many internships demand applications by early deadlines, so I now realize that it is a bit too late to find any. However, I was wondering if someone could give advice on how to get involved for the last month or two before school starts back. Thanks! #internships #internship...

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Shakuan Jul 02, 2016 835 views

How should one prepare to study abroad?

I'm starting to look up different study abroad programs, so I was wondering what factors should I focus on when doing my research? #study-abroad

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Shakuan Jun 15, 2016 1461 views

What info should I fill out under the "education" section on LinkedIn?

I am debating if I should simply enter my major, GPA, relevant coursework, and awards I received from/while attending each institution. Is there any additional information I should add? #education #resume #linkedin

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Shakuan Jun 15, 2016 1441 views

How much information should I put under each LinkedIn section?

I am currently filling out the description section under each of my awards/honors on LinkedIn. How vague should the information be and what is the max number of lines/sentences I should use to describe each award? Should I quote where I got my information from (if I'm noting specifics)? P.S. I...

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Shakuan Jun 14, 2016 1084 views

What are some quick resume boosters for prospective college students?

My cousin is graduating next spring and I want to help him find impressive and enriching programs to get involved in this summer. I know it is already June, but I hope to find something that can make him stand out on college applications. He likely has to start sending those out in August or...