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Since it is too late to find internships, how else can I make my summer more "enriching?"

I never knew that many internships demand applications by early deadlines, so I now realize that it is a bit too late to find any. However, I was wondering if someone could give advice on how to get involved for the last month or two before school starts back. Thanks! internships internship college-advice summer

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2 answers

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Andrew’s Answer

It was difficult for me to imagine what the real world was "like" before I graduated. I didn't know what questions to ask or what to study. If I could go back, I would get a subscription to Harvard Business Review and try to read the annual financial reports of companies mentioned in the articles. There are a number of concepts that are top of mind for people involved in the world of business, but it's hard to communicate them in a concise way to somebody just getting started in their career. If you read 2-3 articles from each HBR ( from now until the end of summer, and maybe read a couple financial reports (Apple example: you'll have a much better grasp of the state of the art in business today.

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Alyssa’s Answer

I would say get a start on the research you need to do to get the internship you want next summer. Those deadlines do come up quickly and starting now will help you make sure you are prepared to get exactly what you want. Knowing about what the companies are looking for in their interns could even inform which classes you take in the Fall, and which extracurricular endeavors are going to help showcase your talents when it comes time to apply to the internships.

Also, reaching out to these companies for more information, or finding someone to speak to through networking or your school's career services can be helpful but it often takes patience and persistence. Finally, find someone who is doing something you think you might want to do after college, and try to get in touch. This person can help give you more specific advice, connections in your field and even insight into the internships they would be going for if they were you.

Get started on all of this now!

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