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Nada D. Jan 01, 2017 562 views

What is the difference between a residency and a fellowship?

Given the fact that after earning an M.D. in order to specialize in a specific doctor's field you have to go through a program to gain certification, the terms residency and fellowship have both been mentioned and I, as a result, don't know the difference between the two. #doctor #residency...

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Hamid W. Oct 18, 2016 343 views

How does one get internshis and fellowships?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #internships...


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Shakuan F. Jul 02, 2016 903 views

Is there an online database to find prestigious fellowships and programs?

I only know of a few of these programs, such as the Rhodes program, but is there a list or database of all programs like this, preferably online? #college #college-bound #databases #opportunities...