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how do I decide which major i should go for in college ?

Asked Miami, Florida

I'm stuck between two majors which are History or psychology. I'm having a hard time deciding because I don't if i'm fit to be a Teacher/professor or is it just that I'm really interested in the subject. Also as to psychology I'm unsure on how that major can be the gate way to different jobs like how can me majoring in psychology be helpful for my future careers.#undecided #college-major

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JENNA’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
You don't have to decide on a major the moment you enter college- people change all the time. Go in as undeclared and take a variety of core classes and see what appeals to you. You don't have to narrow down the amazing possibilities either (or other!) of these degrees will offer at the beginning, you need to explore and see what unexpected paths they will take you down- which might be a different major entirely. Chat with your academic adviser, as well, as he or she can probably give you some pointers on how to figure out where to go with your concerns, since it is their job. Good luck!