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How can I get interested in studying and improve the way I study?

I don't like studying but I do study, it just feels to me like it's not helping me in one of my classes and that's the class I need the most. How can I improve my studying techniques and be better?#studies #studying-tips

Something that one of my teachers suggested(it was regarding the ACT or SAT but you could try it for your regular classes) was, specifically if is any kind of reading selection(history textbook or English class literature), to tell yourself/pretend like you are extremely interested in the topic. Even if you aren’t actually interested, if your brain thinks you are it will tune in a little closer to you absorb more information as you study/read a selection. Mackenzie Z.

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2 answers

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Victoria’s Answer

Hi Queen,

This is a great question.
Everyone learns differently and there are multiple ways to learn the same topic.

The first question to ask yourself is how to I absorb or retain new material the best?
Some people are visual learners: they have to see it written down.
Some people are acoustic learners: they have to hear it or repeat it out loud.
Most people are a combination: they have to hear and see it AND write it down.
Figure out which one of these learners you are and then reinforce your learning.
You may need to adjust this for different types of classes because the same method may not work on every class.

Listen to the lecture/class and take notes. Highlight your notes or make flashcards.
Give yourself hints to remember key concepts like taking the first letter of each group of items in order to recall them on a test.

Go to office hours and talk to your teacher or teaching assistant. Figure out together which concepts are difficult and practice these together.

Take practice tests if you can before the actual test or create your own test questions.
Study with a friend.

There are many fabulous tools online like utube, google, and khan academy so you can actually see someone present the material in different ways, learn a topic, and get hints from other teachers/professors.

Keep reinforcing the material by writing it down, making colorful study notes, or posting it around your study area. quiz yourself constantly and try to apply the topic to your real life if you can.

Try some or all of these techniques. Good studying!

Thank you so much for the help. Queen E.

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Simeon’s Answer

When it's hard to pay attention while studying, I would recommend at least taking a five minute break every hour, if not more often. Give micro-studying a try. Study a little bit every day in small fifteen minute bursts, not spending time on anything that you already know. Find some music that keeps you on track. Lo-fi playlists and video game soundtracks keep me on track. Try to find a study group that will help you by sharing notes, quizzing you, and clarifying any topic that might be confusing you. Give apps like Quizlet a try. It's a free app that has flashcards for many courses, allows you to make your own, and are useful for studying while stuck in line and other places. If you can get an on-campus work study job, try getting a job in the library or in a dorm front-lounge area. You can often get permission to study while working as long as a given shift is going quietly and there's nothing else to do.