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Where is the best place to be when needing to study in college? (On or off campus)

I would like to know because if I have to study and my house is loud I would like to study in peace. #studies #studying-tips

Hey Paige! My roommate is often loud, so I would usually end up studying on my floor lounge, or going to a library to study. The atmosphere in the library is very quiet and people go there to get work done, so that would be a great option for you if you prefer quiet work environments. Hope this helps! Albert P.

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3 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Paige,

The best place to study on your college campus is one where you will actually study! In order to find a good place, you should look for a location that’s comfortable, quiet and easy for you to visit regularly. Ideally, you want to get out of your main living area on a regular basis, which allows you to focus on your assignments without distractions (like roommates, friends dropping by, television…). You may want to see if you can match the type of studying you need to do to your environment, such as a lab, the library or a place to chat with your study group. Having a ‘regular stop’ is a great study habit – you know when you arrive why you’re there. The more time you study in that place, the more it will become associated with the work of learning. You train yourself to focus better. If you can truly make it ‘yours’, you’ll be even better off. Here are some ideas for finding the best place to study on your college campus.

Campus Undergraduate Library

Captain Obvious reporting for duty. The whole point of having a campus library is to have a quiet place to study. Use it! See if you can find a special hiding place in the stacks – with the idea of making it your own. So why is the library good? Primarily because nearly all the other students there are there for the same reason as you: to study.

Departmental Libraries

If the main library is too much of a train station, consider using one of the other smaller on-campus libraries. Especially if there’s something related to your field of study, it’s a great alternative that will help you focus and give you access to specialized information.

Tutoring Center

Like specialized libraries, tutoring facilities offer an alternative to a busy main library on campus, while still surrounding you with like-minded students.

Off Campus Library

If there’s a regular public library off campus, that’s another alternative where you’ll have space, quiet and access to tools (like internet connectivity or periodicals) that may come in handy.


Need a change of scenery…literally? On a nice day, study outside. Sure, that may be limited to September and May if you’re attending the University of Michigan or University of Wisconsin, so grab the chance when you can. Being comfortable is a building block for being able to concentrate.

Empty Classroom

If you’re in a pinch, see if you can find an empty classroom. You’ll at least have a desk or table to yourself.

Dining Room

Between meals, the dorm dining room or a campus cafe may be a decent respite from your daily interruptions. If it’s quiet and available, add it to your options.

Low-Traffic Area of Campus

Is there an area of campus you rarely visit? Odds are good that no one else goes there either. See if you can find a quiet table on campus but in a rarely used building.

Coffee Shop

We’re big fans of coffee (shocking!), and if you are too, you may like studying at a local coffee shop. The upside is access to the holiest of elixirs and the internet, but the downside is noise and activity. Wear headphones with relaxing music to drown out the bean grinder, milk steamer and barrista banter!

In a Study Group

There’s power in numbers. As we recently wrote, if you can collate notes from other students, you’ll have more complete notes. In a study group, you get access to shared information, the ability to test and teach each other, and potentially access to other good places to study (for example, your classmate may know of a library you never visited or has no roommates to contend with). We highly recommend joining study groups if you can.

Source: http://captureapps.com/best-place-to-study-on-your-college-campus/

Good studies!

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Simeon’s Answer

If there aren't study rooms in the library or dorm that are available to you, I would recommend going to a 24 hours location for Starbucks or Whataburger (post-pandemic of course). It might also be worth your investment getting noise-cancelling headphones. They make a world of a difference!!

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Paige:

Finding the ultimate study spot can be quite a challenge. Below are a few tips for your consideration.

First, try to find a quiet spot at your home where you do NOT have to travel. This could be a room where you could lock the door from peering spectators, etc. If you do not have a single spot at your home you could negotiate with your family by using a room that will have less traffic/access from the family.

Second, go to your local library (somewhere close by with minimal travel time). Most libraries are open in the evening during week days and all day over the weekend.

Third, gain access to an empty room. While at school, work it out with an Instructor to use an empty classroom. Or, if your church have classrooms you could spend time in one of their rooms.

There's no right or wrong study spot. You just have to find that special place that works best for you; so, use what's in your peripheral.

I wish you success with your studying. You'll eventually find what works best for you.

~ Sheila