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Is it stressful to be a dance teacher?

Asked Lake Worth, Florida

Hello my name is Marcella and i am in 12th grade. I am asking this because I danced since I was five years old. I am thinking about being a dancer when I get a job. My aunt is a dance teacher is a dance teacher in England but it is hard to keep contact with her. #teacher #dance #ballet #hip-hop #tap #jazz

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Nancy’s Answer

Updated Burlington, Vermont

I have studied and taught dance for over 50 years including running a very successful studio for 28 of those years. Like any career teaching dance has stress involved and is not a high paying career when you are working for someone else. It can be one of the most satisfying careers because of the opportunity to affect lives in a both physically and emotionally positive way.

Since you are currently a high school senior it may be a bit late but you must be studying somewhere. My suggestion would have been to get an apprenticeship of any kind. Help out out the studio become an assistant teacher do anything you can to be around teachers and learn to teach.

Teaching at a college level involves a college education and usually performing experience. Which has a whole other set of stress.

If your passion is teaching learn to teach. Keep studying dance and teaching. Watch and find others see what they do and get their stories. No one is going to walk up to you and ask you to teach. You must be around dance get any experience you can and look for opportunities Good Luck

Thank you Nancy! I will ask my previous dance teacher if I could be one of the assistants. Thank you again.