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Can you help me identify a career that suits me ?

I am exploring the ways that my skills and values align. I value achievement, communication , and adventure and my strongest skills are related to working with people. These include social/ hosting, selling, and promoting. Can you help me identify careers where both the values and these skills align.

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5 answers

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Juliana’s Answer

Hi Nayeli!

Based on your values and skills, here are a few career paths that might align with your interests:

Marketing and Advertising: A career in marketing and advertising allows you to combine your skills in communication, selling, and promoting. You could work in areas like digital marketing, social media management, public relations, or brand management. These roles often involve creating and implementing strategies to promote products or services, and they offer opportunities for creativity and achievement.

Event Planning: With your skills in social/hosting and promotion, event planning could be a great fit. You could organize and coordinate various types of events, such as conferences, weddings, or corporate gatherings. This career path allows you to work with people, manage logistics, and create memorable experiences for attendees.

Sales and Business Development: Given your selling and communication skills, a career in sales or business development may be suitable. Sales roles involve building relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and promoting products or services. Business development focuses on identifying new opportunities for growth and establishing partnerships. These careers often offer opportunities for achievement and adventure through meeting sales targets or exploring new markets.

Tourism and Hospitality: If you enjoy working with people and value adventure, a career in tourism and hospitality might be worth considering. This industry offers various roles such as tour guide, travel agent, hotel manager, or event coordinator. These positions involve interacting with customers, providing excellent service, and facilitating memorable experiences for travelers.

Human Resources: Working in human resources allows you to utilize your skills in working with people, communication, and achievement. HR professionals are responsible for managing employee relations, recruitment, training, and development. HR roles often involve fostering a positive work environment, resolving conflicts, and promoting employee growth and achievement.

Remember, these are just a few examples, and there are many other careers that may align with your skills and values. Researching and exploring these fields further, speaking with professionals in the industry, and gaining hands-on experience through internships or job shadowing can provide more insight into which career path suits you best.

Good luck!
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Debra’s Answer

Hi, why not start out in sales? That is a great starting point for anyone just getting started in their career. If it doesn't work out you can always look to move inside your existing company into another role. Large companies have job boards and are always looking to promote from within. Good luck in your search.
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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank you for your question. I am glad to hear that you have so many skills.
Below are my suggestions :
1. Would you like to be a journalist, media host, travel guide, translator, public relationship, sales, marketing, etc. ? There are plenty of careers related to you strength. You can find out more relevant careers online.
2. Find out more on these careers and determine what you have interest.
3. Speak to someone who are working in these careers. Seek guidance from your mentor, school career counsellor, your parents, etc.
4. Shortlist 1-2 careers you would like to pursue
5. Explore the entry criteria of relevant subject in colleges
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
May Almighty God bless you!
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James Constantine’s Answer

Hello Nayeli,

Identifying a Career that Suits You Based on Your Skills and Values

Based on your values of achievement, communication, and adventure, along with your strong skills in working with people such as social/hosting, selling, and promoting, several career paths could align well with your profile. Here are some potential career options that match your values and skills:

Public Relations Specialist: As a public relations specialist, you would be responsible for promoting individuals or organizations by creating positive media coverage. This role requires strong communication skills to effectively convey messages to the public and media outlets.

Event Planner: Event planning involves organizing and coordinating various events such as weddings, conferences, or parties. Your social skills would be beneficial in networking with clients and vendors, while your promotion skills could help attract attendees to the events.

Sales Manager: A career in sales management could be a good fit for someone with your selling skills. Sales managers oversee sales teams, set goals, develop training programs, and work on strategies to increase revenue.

Marketing Specialist: Marketing specialists focus on promoting products or services through various channels. Your ability to promote could be valuable in creating marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

Travel Agent: If you enjoy adventure and communication, a career as a travel agent might appeal to you. Travel agents help clients plan their trips, provide recommendations on destinations and activities, and handle bookings.

Human Resources Specialist: Human resources specialists work with people within an organization to address employee needs, handle recruitment processes, and ensure smooth communication between employees and management.

Customer Service Manager: Customer service managers oversee customer service operations within companies, ensuring that customers receive satisfactory assistance and solutions to their inquiries or issues.

These are just a few examples of careers that could align well with your values of achievement, communication, and adventure, as well as your skills in working with people.

Top 3 Authoritative Sources Used:

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): The BLS provides detailed information on various occupations including job outlooks, duties, educational requirements, and salary data. It is a reliable source for understanding different career paths.

Harvard Business Review: The Harvard Business Review offers insights into leadership, management practices, and career development strategies. It is a reputable source for understanding trends in the business world.

LinkedIn Career Explorer: LinkedIn Career Explorer tool provides personalized career recommendations based on users’ skills and interests. It can offer valuable insights into potential career paths that match individual profiles.

God Bless You,
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Vignesh’s Answer

Hi Nayeli
Nice to meet you

Of course, I can assist with that! This is the way you could investigate profession choices where your upsides of accomplishment, correspondence, and experience, as well as your abilities, adjust well:

1. Deals and Business Improvement
Why it adjusts: Deals jobs frequently reward accomplishment through commissions and rewards. They require solid relational abilities and can include travel and meeting new individuals, adding a component of experience.
Models: Deals Leader, Business Improvement Administrator, Record Director.
2. Occasion Arranging and Coordination
Why it adjusts: Occasion arranging serious areas of strength for requires and facilitating abilities, advancing occasions, and working intimately with clients and sellers. It's a field where fruitful occasions are an unmistakable proportion of accomplishment, and it can include energizing, fluctuated work.
Models: Occasion Organizer, Meeting Facilitator, Wedding Organizer.
3. Showcasing and Advertising
Why it adjusts: These fields include advancing items, administrations, or brands and require superb relational abilities. Accomplishments are much of the time quantifiable through fruitful missions, and jobs can offer different and dynamic workplaces.
Models: Promoting Chief, Advertising Subject matter expert, Brand Supervisor.

4. Travel and The travel Industry
Why it adjusts: This industry joins experience and accomplishment. Jobs in this field frequently include facilitating and selling travel encounters, requiring phenomenal correspondence and interactive abilities.
Models: Travel Expert, Local escort, Experience Travel Trained professional.

5. Neighborliness The executives
Why it adjusts: Overseeing lodgings, resorts, or cafés includes facilitating visitors, guaranteeing exclusive requirements, and advancing the foundation. Accomplishment is quantifiable through visitor fulfillment and business achievement.
Models: Inn Administrator, Café Supervisor, Resort Chief.
6. Business venture
Why it adjusts: Going into business can be exceptionally fulfilling and permits you to use your selling, advancing, and interactive abilities. It offers a definitive blend of accomplishment and experience as you explore the difficulties of building a business.
Models: Entrepreneur, Startup Organizer, Establishment Proprietor.

7. HR and Ability The board
Why it adjusts: These jobs include working intimately with individuals, working with correspondence inside associations, and accomplishing organization objectives through successful ability the executives.
Models: HR Director, Ability Securing Trained professional, Worker Relations Supervisor.