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How can do i sign up for internships relating to my college major?

For college, Im majoring in english and I plan on working at a publishing company eventually. I don't know exactly how it works but I know that it would take time to establish myself. Which is why i would need an internship and I want to know how to do that for the future. #helpme

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Whitney’s Answer

An academic advisor on campus would be a great first step. Meeting with an advisor within your college can give you specific ways to find or apply for internships in your field. Many universities and colleges also have career services building and/or website that post internships on a job board for students to search, so they are easy to find. A LinkedIn profile would help you with applying and finding jobs or people in your industry. If you are unable to find anything on your specific university job board, you can search nearby companies on LinkedIn or even on Google. Looking at their specific website may also provide you with ways to apply for internships for their company.

Also, look into job fairs at your college or nearby colleges. Research companies that are going to be there and if there is a company you are interested make sure to provide your resume and talk to them at the career fair. Always send a follow-up e-mail to stand out and thank them for talking with you.

If you are unable to find a position or internship at all, don't be afraid to take other opportunities as well. Volunteering and/or job shadowing in the industry can also provide you with beneficial experience for your resume and future.

Whitney recommends the following next steps:

Set up an appointment with an academic advisor