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I would like to develop software for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Asked New York, New York

A large problem in our country is the amount of undocumented persons within its borders. How can I develop Software to make the process of deportation more effective for the ICE. While President Trump has seeked to finish this goal, I fear that without the proper software and monitoring devices on his Southern border wall, it will be widely ineffective. What connections and education can I seek for this occupation and job?


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Bonney’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

If you want to develop software for a government agency, you are likely going to need to obtain a computer science degree . If you are in high school, check out colleges that have computer science programs and figure out what is required to apply to those programs.

Have you already started coding? If not and your school does not offer any computer science courses, I would suggest starting with an online coding course to see if it is something that you will enjoy as a career. I have suggested some resources below.

If you are specifically interested in monitoring and border security you will likely also need to pursue study in Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition and/or Data Science. I have a suggested a few articles to help you familiarize yourself with these topics so you can learn more about these fields and start thinking about how they might apply to your chosen field!

Good luck!

Bonney recommends the following next steps:

  • If you are in middle school, start learning to code at https://scratch.mit.edu/. It's free!
  • If you are in high school, start learning to code at https://code.org/educate/curriculum/high-school. It's free!
  • Read more about Artificial Intelligence @ https://www.oreilly.com/ideas/what-is-artificial-intelligence.
  • Read about the current Artificial Intelligence projects being done by the US Department of Homeland Security: https://emerj.com/ai-sector-overviews/artificial-intelligence-homeland-security/
  • Read about how the US Department of Homeland Security using Data Science: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/DA-E%20Blue%20Stripe_0.pdf