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What careers are the most successful in america today?

I want to know what careers are the most impactful in today's society. #jobs #career #career-counseling

Great question I believe the most successful career in America is going to be the job you are most passionate about and the one you love going to everyday. However I believe software developer and anything in the medical field are some of the most successful jobs in America. We are always going to need people in the medical field, surgeons, dentist, nurses etc. we can’t live without the health field. Susan Latsis

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2 answers

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Meredith’s Answer

If you just want to know what jobs have the most potential for growth, then look no further than the Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/emp/ep_table_104.htm but this covers all sectors, education, and wage levels. If you want to know what are the highest earning positions, then this article might help https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs If you want to relate this information to yourself, then you need to figure out what careers you can be successful in, and also if these jobs will give you personal satisfaction and income that meets your needs. A career develops with experience, education, and your own personal abilities and effort. Keep researching your interests and that matches your career options, be open to learn, be humble, stay curious, and be willing to change direction if a new or different opportunity arises! Career exploration and development is rarely a linear process.

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Donnebra’s Answer

You have to figure out what’s your definition of success. Someone may be in one of the lowest paid positions but they are empowering and making a difference in others lives while loving what they do. They are still deemed successful. Someone maybe have climbed to the top of the charts in their department and they are successful. First define what success is and then master that and you will be successful