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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
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Claire Aug 22, 2018 313 views

As for a career in veterinary medicine, what did you find most surprising or particularly difficult that you would have liked to know before you became a veterinarian?

I am a junior in high school and am most definitely set on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, but would like to hear more descriptions of your personal experiences on the job, such what you find most rewarding and least desirable, any difficulties or hardships that you have come...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 20, 2018 460 views

What do you need to have to become a special needs teacher?

#teaching #education

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Meaghan Mar 09, 2018 436 views

What careers are the most successful in america today?

I want to know what careers are the most impactful in today's society. #jobs #career #career-counseling

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prajwal May 06, 2016 779 views

How do I make my dreams in life come true?

My dream is to be a police officer. How do I make that dream come true? #college #career #police #government

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Yuritzi Jan 22, 2018 547 views

Is it better to study a career that pays you more money, or a career that you actually enjoy?

The reason for this question is because this is the question I hear the most, because many people tell me that you won't go anywhere if you study what you "enjoy" and or "love" if it doesn't give you a decent amount of money, and I also hear that if you work in a career that gives you a lot of...

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Hayley Jan 17, 2018 575 views

Should I work as a sport Physical Therapist, or as a Physical Therapist in a children's hospital?

I know that I want to be a Physical Therapist but I don't know what kind of job setting I would prefer. I play soccer and I have had the help of physical therapist and they impacted my life so much. I also love children and want to impact the life of little kids and watch them grow....

CIERRA’s Avatar
CIERRA May 05, 2016 887 views

How many years does it take to become an OBGYN?

Just Wanting To Know How Long Does Training Last Before You Get To Experience Yourself With Patients #medicine #healthcare #experience #learning #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #career

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Paul Jan 15, 2018 419 views

How can I standout after obtaining my degree in order to help my chances of getting a position within the National Security arena?

I know the process is very selective and difficult. I want to be able to stand out among other candidates. #national-security #career

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Michaela May 23, 2016 757 views

is marine biology a good career path? and if so, what kinds of jobs are good?

I have, for a while now, wanted to go into the biological job field, and more specifically marine biology. This is my major question and thank you for your consideration. #college #science #biology #career-counseling #marine-biology

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amiyah May 30, 2017 724 views

What experience can I get to become a professional cosmetologist? Also what company pays the most?

I am not sure what career I want in the future but I am very interested in cosmetologists, How much they are paid and their everyday life? I want a career that I will be happy with and will not struggle with money. #college #career #cosmetologist #companys