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Civic Duty
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Abhilash C. May 05, 2016 683 views
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Vivian L. May 07, 2016 615 views

How to make connections?

I've been told that one of the largest parts of getting into the career you want to be in requires strong communication skills. That is, the ability to create connections with other people. What would be a good way of going about this? #career...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 10, 2016 619 views

Is there something you are grateful for that helped you progress in your career?

Just wondering if along the journey to reaching your goals, if anyone has ever helped you or offered you advice that really helped you progress. What advice did they have or what did they do to help you ? #career...


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Kartik C. Aug 31, 2016 566 views
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Stephanie P. Feb 17, 2017 638 views

What should I include in planning my career?

I want to plan for my career so I have a time goal #career-counseling...


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Paige O. Feb 22, 2017 658 views
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Harmony A. Sep 01, 2017 663 views

How do you get a good job in your major after college?

A lot of people I know who graduated college are having a hard time getting a job. Some people say its about your connects, so were does college come in? #engineering...


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Sandra G. Sep 01, 2017 541 views

Is it better to stick to a community college for all 4 years or is it better to transfer to a university?

I'm currently enrolled into a community college and i am a freshman. Should i continue in a community college or should i transfer in 2 years or less into a university? I want to major in architecture. #architecture #community-college #college #college-major...


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Haley Z. Jan 16, 2018 368 views

When is the best time to apply for a job before graduation?

Graduation season is very busy but it seems too late to wait until you’re out of college to look for a job...


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Samira Z. Jan 22, 2018 411 views

How do you choose a career?

How do you choose a career?...


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Meaghan B. Mar 09, 2018 255 views

What careers are the most successful in america today?

I want to know what careers are the most impactful in today's society. #jobs #career...


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Tee A. May 17, 2018 279 views

Are In-progress Project Pictures Good for my Portfolio?

I’m a fine arts major that doesn’t have many works under my belt. I would like to build a portfolio for internships and art related jobs (temporary). Is it advisable to add some pages of inspiration or progress pictures of my project if I don’t have many finish art pieces? #portfolio...


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Precious V. Aug 11, 2018 441 views

How do I find my best career option?

I am interested in three different career options. How do I pick the best option for me? #careers #career #career-path...