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Vivian’s Career Goals

I want to be a Medical Librarian, I will be pursuing a Bachelors in Biomedical Physiology at SFU and a MLIS at UBC


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Vivian May 07, 2016 860 views

Clubs and Their Significances

I realize employers often look for people that are motivated and committed and check it through their involvements in school. Due to this, I've been wondering on whether I should join clubs or not since I do very little extracurricular activities. Is it necessary or just nice resume padding?...

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Vivian May 07, 2016 1068 views

What is the most stressful thing about being a nurse?

Nurses are said to be the hearts of the hospital but I've been told many times that they have to undergo tremendous amounts of stress. What causes all this stress? And how tough do you have to be to work through it? #nursing #nurse #stress #healthcare #medicine #career

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Vivian May 07, 2016 1084 views

Volunteering Ideas?

I want to become a nurse and in order to do so I plan to do volunteer work related to medical care but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions? #nursing #medicine #nurse #volunteering #volunteer

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Vivian May 07, 2016 844 views

University or College?

I'm often pressured by my parents to attend a university and I don't really disagree with the idea, but a college nearby offers a nursing program that I think is more suitable for me than the one at the university. The courses at the university are more textbook based courses while the college...

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Vivian May 07, 2016 1046 views

How to make connections?

I've been told that one of the largest parts of getting into the career you want to be in requires strong communication skills. That is, the ability to create connections with other people. What would be a good way of going about this? #career #careers

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Vivian May 07, 2016 962 views

Is professionalism or personality more important in a hospital setting?

Which would be more appropriate for a hospital setting? I realize that it is important to be friendly to patients, but just how friendly can you get before it becomes inappropriate? #professional #hospital #patients #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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Vivian May 07, 2016 844 views

What skills are compatible with medical care careers?

I want to know what skills I need for a career in medical care.

Examples: Organizational skills #career #medicine #careers #skills #college #healthcare

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Vivian May 07, 2016 975 views

Is hands on experience or textbook knowledge more important?

I plan on becoming a nurse and I realize both are important, however, the universities close to me are renowned for leaning on one of two sides. Either too much textbook knowledge, or too much hands on experience. Which do you think is better? #nursing #medicine #nurse #school #career...

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Vivian May 04, 2016 4084 views

Are there any careers that are similar to Nursing?

I'm interested in becoming a Registered Nurse because it guarantees interaction with people but I'd like to know about other possible career paths. #career #nursing #medicine #nurse #careers

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Vivian May 04, 2016 1480 views

Whats my role in volunteering?

I've volunteered multiple times for many organizations, but I don't know what to call the roles that I have been involved in. What can I call the role of simply just helping out and doing odd jobs? #volunteering #volunteer #non-profits #role