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Whats my role in volunteering?

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I've volunteered multiple times for many organizations, but I don't know what to call the roles that I have been involved in. What can I call the role of simply just helping out and doing odd jobs? #volunteering #volunteer #non-profits #role

4 answers

Ayan’s Answer


1>> Complementing essential basic services where they are lacking or where they are insufficient;

2>> Mobilizing people to develop a sense of ownership and awareness about the challenges they are facing, for example to leverage collective action and attitude changes in areas such as environmental protection or sustainable consumption patterns;

3>> Enhancing the effectiveness of peace and development efforts through participatory forms of monitoring and accountability. Local volunteers would be especially suited to assess progress and leverage local expertise;

4>> Building trust as well as ‘bridging social capital’ between diverse people who are not used to interacting with each other: by working side by side toward a common goal, volunteers overcome long-encrusted barriers and re-create lost solidarity, including in urban and diverse societies;

5>> Building resilience and preparedness through concrete community action, enhancing knowledge and a sense of responsibility for one’s community;

6>> Building skills across different areas: their own, as in the case of youth volunteers who gain skills enhancing their employability, as well as the skills of others, through transfer of knowledge and experience.

Jeannine’s Answer


Hi Vivian,

I think it would depend on why you are wanting to classify your role. Are you thinking about your resume or just what to tell other that you do? Speaking about a role is often easier since you have more time and words to use. If you are thinking about your resume, maybe don't actually title it. If you have a "Volunteer" section of your resume you can indicate the company name, years of service and a brief description, just as you would for a standard role (but minus the title).

Another option is using the word Volunteer. Volunteer isn't a bad way to describe yourself. You can also include a brief description of the ways you assist.

Keep in mind though, if the organization you volunteer with does have a specific name for its volunteers, use this. You can always elaborate.

Vipan’s Answer


As a volunteer, you have the responsibility to:

Do your duties promptly and reliably. Accept the guidance and decisions of the volunteer coordinator. Be willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs, and meetings. Understand the role of the paid staff, maintain a smooth working relationship with them and stay within the bounds of volunteer responsibility. Keep internal information about the organization confidential.

Jaouad’s Answer


Hi Vivian, Philanthropist maybe ? :) Regards