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What are volunteering opportunities that I can apply to if I am under 16 for the time being?

Updated Oxnard, California

So right now, I am involved in three programs that I recieve good hours in, but I want to do more hours, as well as having a variety of experience in other fields.

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Alexis’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Hi Julisa,

I'm so glad you're doing so much volunteer work and that you're currently involved in three programs! Not only are you benefitting the community around you, but that will help you gain leadership skills and make you very competitive in your future applications and resumes.

To find volunteer opportunities for people16 and under, I would suggest reaching out to whatever your nearest volunteer center is. They should be able to tell you what nearby nonprofits have volunteer opportunities available to people in your age group.

Some common volunteer opportunities for those 16 and under include:

-Food Pantry help

-Clean Ups (such as at your local park or green initiative)

-Volunteer Opportunities your parent does with you.

-Volunteer opportunities where you'd be participating in activities such as arts and crafts at nonprofits that serve younger children.

If you don't have a local volunteer center that can help you, I would reach out to either local nonprofits that you think might offer some of the examples I gave or reach out to an adult who is involved in volunteer service who might know someone that can help you.

Hope this helps!

Elaine’s Answer

Updated Willoughby, Ohio

Hi Julisa! I see a lot of great ideas posted here. I'll add that one of the best volunteer opportunities I had in high school was with the YMCA. I see there's a Y in Ventura https://www.ciymca.org/ventura.

I was part of a teen Leaders Club program. Many Y's have Leaders Club, but if they don't you might find opportunities helping with camp, swimming lessons, fundraising, dance, volleyball, etc.. We also helped with events like 5K runs and Healthy Kids Day. Eventually, I worked full time for the Y. After over 20 years, I'm doing freelance work in the community and am back to volunteering at the Y.

It looks like they have a 5K coming up in July with funds raised going toward their LiveStrong program that's for cancer survivors. https://www.ciymca.org/get-involved/volunteeropportunities/

Good luck!

Kate A.’s Answer


Hi Julisa!

So glad to hear you are interested in volunteering! I recommend you check out www.volunteermatch.org. They have a lot of volunteer opportunities listed and you can even search for ones for people under 18. Best of luck!


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