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University or College?

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I'm often pressured by my parents to attend a university and I don't really disagree with the idea, but a college nearby offers a nursing program that I think is more suitable for me than the one at the university. The courses at the university are more textbook based courses while the college programs gives more hands on experience. Which one would be better? #college #nursing #nurse #university

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Ken’s Answer

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Hi Vivian!

Congratulations on being interested in Nursing, which is a very important career.

An economical and effective way to complete a nursing program would to be to go to a Community College, such as Vancouver Community College, for example.


This looks like a great example of a good way to start. If you felt that needed further education, you could get it later.

The programs that are described at Vancouver Community look like an excellent start on your career path.

Send thank you notes to those who help you. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!!

Thank you for the advice! Just in your opinion, which college seems to be better? BCIT or VCC?
Each school has its own personality, as do you. The best way to find out which is best for you is to look at a few things: the distance from where you live, the cost of the school program that interests you, and the information that you can get by contacting the head of alumni relations at each school to make arrangements to meet and talk to graduates of both school to see what they are doing, how they got there, and what they have to say about their school - and then see how you feel about all of the information you gather.
Looking for the right school and looking for the right career is like buying a pair of shoes. You need to not only see them but "try them on" so that you get information and feel of the fit for you. Only you can be the best judge of which of the two schools is best for you. Please keep me informed. I would like to follow your progress
This might also help. You can conact members of the organization and see what they have to say about the schools: https://www.cna-aiic.ca/en/becoming-an-rn