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When is the best time to apply for a job before graduation?

Graduation season is very busy but it seems too late to wait until you’re out of college to look for a job

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4 answers

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Nathan’s Answer

Hey Haley - I agree that waiting until just before or after graduation is WAY TOO LATE! The most important thing to help lead to a job after college is to apply for internships while still in college. Where I work (PwC, which is an accounting firm) students apply for internships beginning in their sophomore or junior year but they work full-time (it is a paid internship as well). The internships last for 3 months and are basically a months-long job interview. Not much is expected of interns but there are a few things that employers look for; are you a team player, do you get along with everyone, are you reliable, etc. Almost everyone I know got a job offer from their internship, so do some research after you have chosen your degree to find internships in order to get experience just in case they do not offer employment afterwards. Even if they do not offer, it is still good for references and experience in a work environment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! Good luck!

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Hannah’s Answer

I will say the best time probably is do your research in the summer before senior year then start going to company intro sessions and start applying for jobs in early fall semester. This way, hopefully you won't have to think much about it in Spring semester. That's how I had tackled it and worked well for me.

Hannah recommends the following next steps:

Research in the summer of interested companies and companies that will be visiting your campus. Your career center will likely have this info.
If there is a career center at your school, make sure you sign up to get notifications on visiting companies and sign up for interviews
Have your resumes ready in the summer before senior year
Attend company intro sessions and applying for jobs early fall semester

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Donnebra’s Answer

In my opinion I would start applying that last semester. I would definitely recommend taking a internship and building a good relationship with a potential employer. Performing well within that internship will help with the job search.

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Darius’s Answer

Before graduation. Have something lined up