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How to get internships during summer vacations?

After next semester I want to apply for internship. #career #career-counseling #internships #career-choice #college-advice #academic-advising

Please tell us a little more about your situation. High school? University? How far along in your education? What are you studying? In what field do you want an internship? Ollie Jones

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4 answers

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Joel’s Answer

Go visit your professor's office hours and talk to them about it. Odds are they'll know someone in the field that needs help, or they know what companies have partnered with the school for internships. The same can be said of visiting your academic adviser. Find some local companies that you think you may want to work at and browse their job boards, they may have openings listed. Lastly, go to your university's career fair and talk to the various companies represented there. Express your interest that you want to intern and see if you can get started on the application process.

Good luck!

this is a great answer, and as a college student, the tip about asking a professor really helped me. Vera L.

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Donnebra’s Answer

Speak with your counselors and also look for online postings. Internships fill up fast so be proactive and look well in advance

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Seth’s Answer


Many universities have e-mail groups per group (psychology, computer science, biology, etc) that send out information for opportunities, such as internships. I would look to see if your path of study has one and sign up. If you already know companies you would be interested in working for in the future, you can also check their hiring websites. Internships are usually listed as such, allowing you to apply!

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Ritu’s Answer

Hi Kartik, You should also try to network with people from your target companies. There are many ways to do that like local meetups, career fairs, LinkedIn groups etc. And share any relevant work that you may have done in your area of expertise with them. Also, reach out to your college Alumni network. Making personal contacts will open a lot of doors for you.