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Laynie’s Avatar
Laynie May 23, 2016 979 views

What college is the best one to get a teaching degree?

I am looking to become a teacher #college #teaching #colleges

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Sep 14, 2016 3091 views

What is the best way to improve your public speaking skills?

Public speaking is basically my biggest fear in the entire world. I pretty much try dodging every obstacle possible when it comes to this topic. This is a strong phobia of mine that just eats away at me. If I were to practice speaking when I know I have a presentation or something big coming up...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 16, 2016 1346 views

How do you choose the college that is right for you?

I am a junior in high school and am preparing to go to college. I was just wondering how I can choose a college out of all of the colleges that have already accepted me. I have not started applying to colleges just yet, but before it's too late, I want to learn how to pick the right college for...

Arthur ’s Avatar
Arthur Sep 14, 2016 1160 views

Which is better for an IT job? Trade school or college?

I'm thinking of going to CTC and then ito a 4 year, but I'm not sure about the money used vs money gained. Any help for this alongside recommendations? #computer-programming #web-development #html-5

Mathew’s Avatar
Mathew Sep 15, 2016 1665 views

How to start preparing towards a career in data science ?

I'm looking forward to starting a career in data science and I'm doing my master's right now. So, any information regarding this will be helpful for me. #data-science #databases #python #data-analysis #big-data #hadoop

robert’s Avatar
robert Aug 30, 2016 937 views

How difficult is it to double major in two oppposite fields?

I'm graduating high school this year and I want to be an urban planner. I was going to major in geography (for my career), but I also have a passion for theatre and music, so I was going to major in musical theatre as well with a minor in something like public administration/communications,...

Kartik’s Avatar
Kartik Aug 31, 2016 1020 views

How to get internships during summer vacations?

After next semester I want to apply for internship. #career #career-counseling #internships #career-choice #college-advice #academic-advising

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Sep 05, 2016 1437 views

I need help with my extracuricular activities!

Okay so highschool has started and I'm not apart of anything. I'm not in band, orchestra, sports team, theater or anything else. Club rush is coming up and I'm planning on joining a few clubs and being on the academic decathlon team. But, I feel like if I only join clubs in highschool the next...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 19, 2016 878 views

What job opportunities and/or internships are offered for students pursuing a degree in Business?

I am a an enrolling student to college, and I'm looking to major and get by MBA in Business and Administration. It would only be appropriate to ask about the job opportunities in this field. #graduate #mba

Tiffanie’s Avatar
Tiffanie Sep 09, 2016 2440 views

What are good speech presentation tips?

I'm personally really bad at public speaking, is there any tips/tricks that you all have that can help me before and during a presentation ? #publicspeaking #tips

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Aug 22, 2016 1053 views

What are good ways to network with people in the sports management field in order to have connections coming out of college?

I am asking this question because adults tell me all the time" that it's not what you know but who you know". Meaning that the connections you have are what gets you opportunities rather than having knowledge. How did you network when you were in school? #college #management #sports...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 20, 2016 1383 views

Can one pursue a lucrative career in I.T. with only an associate degree?

I am a college student pursuing an A.A.S in computer information technology at a community college in my area. I am due to graduate this December, and I have concerns that I will not be able to find work with only an associate degree. Pursuing a B.S. at university is financially impractical for...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 09, 2016 1012 views

Any advice for an aspiring robotics programmer?

It is my aspiration to program robots and I was just looking for any career advice when reaching for this aspiration of mine. I have six universities in mind where I can work and study for the field of Robotics. I was just looking for any advice that I might need to know when I do plan on...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Sep 10, 2016 765 views

Can schorlarships be included on a resume if applying for a job?

I want to know if its okay to include schorlarships on a resume. #nursing

Briana’s Avatar
Briana Sep 07, 2016 1369 views

What is the most important factor when looking into a buying a laptop for school?

My name is Briana, and I am currently a freshman in college. Throughout the summer, I had received a check for a local scholarship and am very thankful. With this money, I had planned to spend more than I currently had on textbooks. As I had spent most of y middle and high school career with a...