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What are good ways to network with people in the sports management field in order to have connections coming out of college?

Updated Snellville, Georgia

I am asking this question because adults tell me all the time" that it's not what you know but who you know". Meaning that the connections you have are what gets you opportunities rather than having knowledge. How did you network when you were in school? #college #management #sports #networking #sports-management

3 answers

Joel’s Answer

Updated Missouri, Missouri

I'm not in the sports management field but had a handful of good friends from college in it. They've been able to land good jobs post grad so I asked them what they had to say, I'll summarize what they sent back.

1) Go to your professor's office hours. They've been in the field for years, they know tons of people and most will be more than happy to write a letter of recommendation or put you in touch with someone if you're on good terms. 2) Assuming your university has an athletics program, try to get on as a manager or some sort of volunteer for one of the sports teams. Coaches and athletic department staff's will also know plenty of people in the field. 3) Hit up each and every job fair your department hosts. I can echo this sentiment as job fairs are what put me in touch with the company who hired me out of school. Nowhere else will you see a room full of people who are trying to convince you to come to their company. Take advantage of it.

I hope the above helps!

Deb’s Answer

Updated Huntington, West Virginia

I would research LinkedIn and find some contacts that are working in this field.

Ian’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
I agree that volunteering anywhere in your college's athletics department is a great way to start building a network of professionals in sports marketing. You could also try volunteering for a minor or major league local sports team or sports talk radio station if there are any in your community. You should also look on LinkedIn for sports marketing network groups that meet in your community. Good luck!
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