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What majors do you need to study in college in order to become a doctor or go to medical school ?

Asked Los Angeles, California

I am a junior in High School and im not sure what classes i should take in college #doctor #medicine #medical #biomedical #medical-field #medicare

2 answers

Karen Wise’s Answer

Updated Newark, Delaware

While you are still in high school, be sure to take as many science and math classes - especially biology and chemistry. These high school classes will prepare you for your college math and science classes. As a pre-med college major, you will have the opportunity to take various biology and chemistry courses such as microbiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, etc.. You will also have labs for many of these classes. Keep in mind that if you decide to major in pre-med or biology for college, your courses will be listed out for you by year and semester. It may be a good idea to go to the website of a college/university and look at the courses that they have listed for biology/pre-med and be sure to read the desriptions of the courses.

Just as Ms Jenkins recommended follow a pre-med course schedule.

Michelle’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

You will need to take all science classes. And remember everything you learn in chemistry class because that information will be the basics to the next science course and throughout. Also math classes are a plus, lots of conversions in medicine. Good luck!