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What's the most important thing to look for in a company?

When applying for jobs, what has made you decide to accept an offer from one company over another?

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5 answers

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Austin’s Answer

There are a few things that I look at when deciding whether or not to accept a job. I always ask these questions before taking a job and they have suited me well in my career.

  1. What's the salary? We all have to eat and we all have to live; salary is vital to knowing what you can afford, what your budget is, and the overall quality of life you want to have. It's not vapid to be concerned what your salary is, being financially aware makes you an adult.
  2. What is career progression and growth like? Staying at the entry level for the rest of your life does not sound like a good time and you should be looking at jobs that provide real opportunities for career growth and progression. Asking your potential employer what form this takes will equip you well for deciding on whether or not to accept a job offer.
  3. What is the workplace culture like? This question is often overlooked but is so incredibly vital. I once worked a job where people were not social and would just sit at their desk and not interact...basically this made be totally miserable. You're going to be spending a lot of time at work and its vital that you are happy and are in a healthy work environment.
  4. What benefits does that company provide. You should be concerned about healthcare, 401(k),student loan repayment programs, account vesting, gym memberships, annual bonuses, and all the other types of incentives that a company provides. They can make life really enjoyable and often have a serious financial impact on you if you choose the right company. Ask what the benefits are and what kinds of benefits you should expect down the line.

I hope this helps you moving forward and feel free to ask any follow up questions should you have any.



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LaTonia’s Answer

When looking for a job, I usually have 2 main things that I look at to determine if the job is for me. First, I look at my expenses. The job has to pay enough so that I can pay my expenses, live and not be broke. Next, I look at the benefits the company offers. Healthcare, vacation and holiday pay, and a savings plan (401k) are some of the basic benefits offered by most companies. Many times if the company does not offer the most in salary, the benefits can compensate and make up for lower pay.

For example, you can have a job that pays $50,000 per year, but you have to pay $300 per month for healthcare ($3600 per year), and you don’t get paid holidays because you have to work regular time on those days. So really that job actually pays you $46,400 per year and you are working at the same rate of pay when most people are off for the holiday and getting paid). Another job opportunity may pay $45,000 per year, but they may give you a $500 per month toward the cost of your healthcare and you get paid time off for holidays.

This is just an example, but as you can see all factors must be considered when looking for a job. Start with listing all of your expenses out so you know how much you need the job to pay. Then check sites such as salary.com for standard salaries for jobs. Finally, check out the benefits the company offers to the employees. This will help in your decision.

LaTonia recommends the following next steps:

Start with listing all of your expenses out so you know how much you need the job to pay. Then check sites such as salary.com for standard salaries for jobs. Finally, check out the benefits the company offers to the employees.

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adarsh’s Answer


As soon as we go out of our professional degree colleges, we have crossed a big milestone in our life.
We are ready to go in the real world and make a difference.

To be looking into a Company for a job, it's important to relate to the vision and mission of the company aligns with your thoughts and process.
I believe the following should be the top priority things to look for in a company before you join it:

-->The technology or the field the company operates in, does that interest you?

--> The role at which you are joining in, does that align with what your interests and skills you carry? Will your skills really be used in the role for which you are going to apply or being hired for?

--> How a company values its employees. It's a known thing that the working environment defines the productivity of the employees. The better and stress-free environment the company provides, the better the employees perform and contribute.

--> Does the company believe that the personal growth of the employees will in-turn be a growth for the company and invests in your career building?

--> How is the company reputation w.r.t working environment, work culture, people and processes? We all know that "All work & no fun" no would prefer it.

--> Obviously, the salary offered for the role you are apply for, will it be taking good care of your expenses of not?

These parameters would certainly matter in the long run because when you are investing a good part of your life in a company, you need to ensure not only you contribute to them, also, they contribute to you.

adarsh recommends the following next steps:

1. Research about company's profile and history.
2. Learn about the job role for which you are applying from LinkedIn, glassdoor etc websites. Understand the role & the responsibilities attached with it.
3. Try to get in touch with someone who works in the company already or have already worked. Get to know feedback from someone who is working or worked there.

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Leni’s Answer

One should ensure that there is technical growth and also one should be able to get opportunity to contribute to the firm's growth.
For that you have to choose a profession/role which you think you can perform well.
Along with that one should ensure that the company, does have a work environment which supports the good work culture.

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Sreekanth’s Answer

Look for company's vision and work culture, then you have to decide which one to choose.