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What career in software engineering pays the most money?

There are different careers in software engineering, out of all of them which one benefits you the most in like pay.

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3 answers

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Basavaprabhu’s Answer

If you are good in latest technologies... That will fetch more bucks :)

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Daniel’s Answer

Arguably the highest paying sector that employs a non-trivial amount of tech people is finance. Similarly high (maybe equal?) would be your big name tech companies (Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc), with some delimitation between them but all roughly in the same ballpark. Lowest pay is probably game development. This is on average - there are exceptions on all sides. And it's not guaranteed that a job at a finance company will pay more than a job at Facebook or whatever. Facebook may pay higher.

That might not be a direct answer to your question though, since it's of course eminently possible to go from a finance company to a tech company, and still call it the same career (since you'd at the end of the day be doing about the same things).

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Amanda’s Answer

Overall if you are pursuing a degree in computer science and going the route of learning and exercising software development skills in the latest technologies you are starting down a great path that will hopefully lead to strong career, and financial, opportunities! Much like the other answers it depends on what industry you are working in and what technologies you work with.

Big tech firms on the west coast will most of the time pay you more starting out than say a tech company in the South , in this case you need to consider cost of living (ex. XYZ tech company in CA will pay a higher starting salary than XYZ tech company in North Carolina). As far as earnings potential if you are a software engineer specializing in a technology that companies have in high demand, think cloud engineering or SAP development for example, that could earn you big bucks and a great upward career trajectory.

Overall when I am looking for interns that are pursuing degrees in Computer Science I am looking how you've applied what you learned in school and what you've built using those learnings! A CS degree can get you many different titles in a well paying industries.