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Can you describe the day in the life of a museum curator?

I am a prospective history major wanting to become a museum curator or archivist. I am wondering how life is as a museum curator and what the job is like. #museums #history #career

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1 answer

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Martina’s Answer

While I cannot tell you exactly what a day in the life of a curator is personally, I can speak from the perspective of an exhibition assistant working with a curator on a major exhibition. A curator’s life is very busy and to be a curator requires extensive education, usually a Ph.D., and several years of experience. I personally have a master’s degree in history as well as two post-graduate certificates in Public History and Museum studies. I have also spent time as an archives technician, a technician in integrated pest management, and as curator of a heritage tourism initiative. Even with this experience and education I will still need more experience and a Ph.D. to be a good candidate for a curatorial position. I really enjoy my work and plan to continue putting in the work to become a museum curator. Hope this helps!

Martina recommends the following next steps:

If you really interested in this career path I would suggest doing research on which colleges and/or universities have the best programs and talk to people working in the field for additional advice.
I would also suggest seeking an internship at a museum in your area.

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