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I'm interested in becoming a curator after college and wanted to know if the salary for this specific career is decreasing as years go on or at a constant or increasing.

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Just wanted to know. #art #history #museums #curator

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A curatorial career is exciting and interesting. As far as salary goes, as you work in curatorial jobs, your salary will increase with cost of living each year, in most museums, as well as increase as your experience grows and you become more in demand. Your degrees should be in art history, whether historic or contemporary - and the more advanced degree you have, the better. Curators work in a variety of settings, from museums and galleries to auction houses; from website-driven initiatives such as RAW-Artists (a great new model) to organizations that arrange travelling exhibitions. The more experience you have the higher your salary will grow. Most curatorial salaries are competitive in a geographic market according to the budget of the museum. For example, in NYC, where there are so many museums and galleries, curators at small museums tend to make around the same amount of money and curators are large museums make similar salaries. In the field, salaries are not going down, as the economy grows. Also, there are different levels of curators, from Curatorial Aides (at the start of your career) to Senior Curator (well into your career).

Universities also hire curators for their university art galleries and to manage their collections.

Good luck in your career - curatorial work is exciting and very rewarding!