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How do I manage sports and classes in college?

Asked O'Fallon, Missouri

I will now have more time in college than in high school. I wanted to know what apps are the best to help me. #collegeapps #planning

3 answers

Gayle’s Answer

Updated Denver, Colorado

There are so many more apps available now, and I haven't been out of school very long! I think it is important to keep track of your to-do list and your calendar first and foremost. I use Microsoft Outlook for that in my professional life, but used a hard copy calendar for my undergrad programs. Google Calendar is nice too, I use that for personal calendars and tracking my grad school assignments - I like that you can set reminders to popup on your computer and phone so you don't forget things.

Other apps that might be useful for college:

EasyBib http://www.easybib.com/ - helps with citations for papers

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com - start building your resume and your professional network online and connect with students, guest speakers, and anyone else you meet in this professional network. Sometimes getting a job is more about who you know these days.

Trello <span style="color: rgb(84, 83, 83); background-color: transparent;">comes highly recommended for project management and group work - I just downloaded it and will be putting it to use for my job and school work.</span>

Check out: https://www.society19.com/25-apps-every-college-student/ for a more comprehensive list

Managing sports and classes in college at the same time can be very stressful, but not if you learn to manage your time. It is an essential element to getting through college. Try to make a schedule for yourself of when you will accomplish certain tasks and try to keep up with that schedule. Although, don't make everything sports and classes, make sure you give some time to yourself so you don't become overwhelmed. Your education is very important, but remember that your health and well-being also is.
My greatest "helper" for time management in college was simple math: At the start of the week, list out all of your assignments then take the number of pages that you need to read or write for each course; Divide it by the number of days between the present day and deadline. For example, if I received an assignment on Monday to read 200 pages by Friday I'd commit to reading 50 pages a day between Monday and Thursday evening. This method prevents procrastination or trying to cram things into one single night (after long practices, I doubt that's something you'd want to do). Apps like Google Calendar and Notes can help you organize your week and divvy up the work load within pockets of available time throughout the week. Hope this helps!
Hi Jakob! I was also a student athlete and found the best way to juggle classes and practices/games was to stay ahead of my scheduling. I'd see which classes I needed and when they typically ran. Junior year I knew I would have to take a night class that would interfere with practice times, I instead pushed it to Fall of senior year since we do not have games in the Fall, only the Spring. Knowing the layout of classes you may need and when your games and practices run is an important factor in order to plan your time effectively! Good luck:)

Erika’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

I have found that the best applications/tools to help in managing your time in college and even after college are the following:

  • Google Calendar
  • Excel

All three of these tools are probably not new to you but they can truly help if you use them to their full potential. I played sports throughout college and I still continue to play sports up to four days a week and I have found that google calendar helps me in staying organized with all that has to be done. If you track assignments that are due as well as all of your activities planned for the week (meetings, sports, etc.), you are able to manage your time more effectively. Also, I suggest creating an excel spreadsheet to help in managing your time and expenses. I have found that creating a spreadsheet that lists out all of the planned activities, estimated time commitment to those activities, as well as the corresponding estimated expenses, you are able to make a more informed decision when deciding which extracurricular activities to pick-up. Side Note: I would suggest taking an excel class in college if you have the time so that you are able to take advantage of everything the tool has to offer. I use excel every day in my daily work life and personal life (for time/money management) and I use the tools I learned in my excel college class everyday.

Kista’s Answer

Updated Temple Hills, Maryland

Most Collegiate teams have stud halls, which are sometimes mandatory.

Utilize on campus resources. You don't have to overthink or make this more complected than it has to be.

Practice self discipline. Do not be easily persuaded by friends and parties.

you know what it takes to get good grades, then carve out the time to do so.

Ask lots of questions, to teachers, department heads, advisers, etc. They may know information on programs that may not be accessible to everyone.

Kista recommends the following next steps:

  • Build great relationships with teacher
  • Build great relationships with classmates
  • Seek on campus recources ( TRIOs, Study sessions, Private rooms in the library, etc)
  • learn time management skills, If you know you are more focused immediately after class, study or do work them, if its 5pm etc.