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Are there any double majors that go best with kinesiology?

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Are there any double majors that go best with #kinesiology? As in, are there majors that employers are looking for that can be helpful in conjunction with a degree in kinesiology?
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2 answers

Craig’s Answer


It ultimately depends on what you want to do with your career. If you want to go to physical therapy school biology is a good choice as you will be taking many of the pre reqs for it. You should probably really think about what you want to do after you graduate from undergrad and ask yourself how you’re going to get there. From there you can better identify how to tailor your education.

It really varies. When I was in undergrad I studied exercise science and took classes for a minor in coaching. I wanted to be a strength coach. If you want to open your own business maybe pursue a MBA after.

Fredrick’s Answer


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Fredrick recommends the following next steps:

  • Google kinesiology, biology, and education careers and salaries
  • Google and research volunteer and intern positions
  • Google other majors and careers associated with Kinesiology
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