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What is the most important step to take to prepare for college?

I'm a high school Senior (Home Schooled) and the nest step after graduation is college. I have a few side jobs right now like babysitting and cleaning our local church once a week, but it doesn't pay enough for college. Should I be focusing on money right now? Or should I be focusing more on school right now? I am a straight A student and I've already been accepted into and enrolled in a university starting the next fall semester. Should I be focusing more on studying and maintaining my grades? Or should I be focusing the most on scholarships right now? What do you think is the most important step for most people to take before attending college? Is there anything specific we should be doing to prepare for college to make the transition easier? Is there anything specific we could be doing to prepare for college if we know what career we want to get into or at least what interests us? #questions #getting Ahead

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4 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Shaila ,

Great question to ask here and think thru prior to making a move. I would say research the school, visit the school or schools you are thinking of attending to make sure they fit your goals. I would encourage you to take college tours and meet with staff at the schools. I would also look at what the impact of the school you attend will have on a career or business you might want to start. I would also say be aware as you may look to go down one avenue initially and decide as you learn more and experience more you want to go a new direction.

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Georgeta’s Answer

Hi there!

First off, it's really important to focus on your studies. Make sure you don't have any other options before working three jobs just to pay for school. I worked three jobs throughout college and I regret it. I wish I had lived during my college career.

During your year and summer before college, save, save, SAVE! Save up some money and open a savings account. Contribute some during college and make sure you're leaving enough to fund your school books, adventures, living, etc.

Student loans are not a bad idea if you can't find someone to help you pay. Yes they are a pain in the butt to pay off, but financial aid and student loans are something to look into.

For now, yes focus on your school. Perhaps all of those side gigs aren't the way to go! Maybe find a higher paying job. Starbucks funded a lot for me and they have benefits so I'd look into something like that.

In conclusion, studies first, making money second. Make sure you are indeed saving and making money but not at the expense of your education. You have plenty of other options!

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Allison’s Answer

The two most important step for prepare for college is signing up your senior year for scholarships for college, signing up to get accepted towards college and having a list of things you need to bring for your dorm at college and school supplies.

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Ashish’s Answer

Hello dear,

First thing, what is important for you that you have to decide. No one will decide for you. You have to make this habit.

If you are passionate about something then choose that.

Money's only purpose is to fulfill basic utilities (food,shelter,cloth). That will be managed when you will choose what you love to do, believe me.

So many helpful people is surrounding you and they will come up for help.

You first decide what you love and then go ahead and don't worry about. Don't leave your love for money.

Thank you