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What are appropriate steps that future counselors should take when working with clients online?

With social media and other online resources being on the rise, if a client prefers online-counseling versus counseling that is face-to-face, what steps should a counselor take in order to establish a professional client-counselor relationship that is online?
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2 answers

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Subbaiah’s Answer

Online counselling can be done via email, real-time chat, video conferencing and many more .The appropriate steps that future counselors should take while working with clients online are :

1) You should make the clients feel comfortable
2) Start a smooth conversation with the clients initially by greeting them, inquiring about their heath and their family members and also try to create a rapport.
3) You should understand the requirement of the clients
4) Explain about the product /requirements of the clients in brief without losing patience.
5) Clarifying the doubts of the clients even if its a multiple inquiry.
6) Ultimately the counselors should make the customers happy and satisfied.
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Alyssa’s Answer

When working online a clinician still needs to follow ethical codes and protect their clients. They need to be open and honest and create a safe space within the environment. The clinician also needs to create a sense of hope and provide a goal driven session each time. They also need to be happy and helpful and encouraging.