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Career Questions tagged Jobinterview

hana’s Avatar
hana Jul 23, 2021 422 views

job interview advices

im a 2nd yr college student, planning to get a job for the first time (i don't have any job experience at all) #college #job #jobinterview #callcenter

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Jan 21, 2018 428 views

How can you land a job from a phone interview?

Aside of having my first job interview, it was a phone interview. It was intense.

#jobinterview #phoneinterview #landingthejob

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 21, 2018 559 views

In a job interview, it seems hard to talk about how great you are without seeming like a braggart. How do you promote yourself without coming across as conceited or pompous?

I've only had a few job interviews and struggle with this aspect of the process.
#jobinterview #interviews #job-search