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Gabby Sep 11, 2020 612 views

What is it like working as a Corrections Treatment Specialist?

Additional Questions:
-what is the difference in Corrections Treatment Specialist and Corrections Counselor?
-How was getting your masters in CJ ? Workload, social life(did you have one) can you work during it? exams, papers, etc.
#corrections #corrections-treatment #counseling #criminal-justice

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Gabby Sep 10, 2020 1114 views

What is the workload like for a Masters in Counseling? I am trying to go into Marriage and Family Therapy

I am trying to go into Marriage and Family Therapy.
I just want to know how much studying there is. If there is more papers rather than exams, if there are exams at all?
What should I expect? I am coming from an undergrad Health degree, so this is all new to me.