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Natassia Hott

Ph.D. Hispanic Languages and Literatures; Independent Researcher
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Champaign, Illinois
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Gatsi Jan 22, 2021 475 views

Can I choose in place of B.A.-M.A

Hello,I'm in class11 from PCM stream . I have a question that's troubling me from quiet sometime, actually I want to pursue English professor as my career and my parents are in for it too but the problem is it requires me to complete B.A. and M.A. but my parents don't want me to do that ....

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 03, 2021 636 views

I want some advice?

I am currently at the university in the career of Language Pedagogy. I like languages, but I'm not good at English, every semester I find it harder with my studies. I make an effort in studying pedagogy and learning English, but my academic performance in English subjects has low marks because...

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Jahmir Jan 22, 2021 477 views

How many years of collage do you have to do to get your ged?

#career # #career-path