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How many years of collage do you have to do to get your ged?

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3 answers

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Prashanth’s Answer

Hi Jahmir,

I hope you’re doing well & wish that you have a great week ahead.

I am sharing some information that I have got online and will be sharing details specific to Georgia since you come from there

GED Test Policies in Georgia
Each state establishes policies concerning things like GED test costs and age restrictions. It's important to review the GED test regulations for the state of Georgia if you plan to take your tests there so that you can be certain you will qualify to take the exams.

Residency Requirements
Georgia does not impose residency requirements on individuals who want to take the GED tests there. This means that individuals from neighboring states may opt to take their GED exams in Georgia.

Age Restrictions
Any individual who is 18 years of age or older can take the GED exams in Georgia.

Applicants who are 16 or 17 years old may also be eligible to take their GED exams if they are granted permission to take the tests. The requirement is that they're enrolled in an adult education program that has been approved by Georgia.

Academic Prerequisites
Any person 18 years of age or older can take their GED exams without having to complete an adult education program or any online courses. They also do not need to take the official practice test.
Only applicants who are 16 or 17 years of age are required to take an adult education program.

GED Test Info
There are 4 tests that must be passed in order to earn your GED. The Reasoning Through Language Arts test is the longest of the 4 and takes 2.5 hours. At 115 minutes, the Math test is just shy of 2 hours. It takes 1.5 hours to complete the Science test, while the Social Studies test is 70 minutes.

GED Scoring
Scores on the GED are grouped into one of 4 levels that will appear on your transcript.

Score Level Scoring Range
Below Passing 100-144
GED Passing Score 145-164
GED College Ready 165-174
GED College Ready + Credit 175-200
Applicants who earn the GED Passing Score or higher receive a Georgia GED Diploma. Scores in the College Ready range often qualify students for acceptance to college without having to take placement tests.
The College Ready + Credit achievement can qualify individuals for up to 3 math, science and social studies college credits. They may also receive a humanities credit.

You can also refer the links for more information , these are the source for all the information that I have shared


Hope this answers your query
Good Luck 😊

Prashanth TM
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Geri’s Answer

Hi Jahmir,
A GED stands for General Educational Development. This is a group of tests that when passed can equal a High School diploma.
College level degrees come after High School. They vary in the amount of time that you spend learning. So if you want an Associates Degree then you can go to college for usually 2 years and if you want a bachelor degree you can go to college for 4 years.

Geri recommends the following next steps:

Here is a site that explains the degrees.
Choose some of the things that interest you in the box on the left.
See how long you have to go to college.
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Natassia’s Answer

Hello Jahmir. The GED is a different route for a high school diploma. It can take as little as 3 months to complete, or more depending on how long you prepare for the test. The GED, which stands for "General Education Development" (exam), is taken before going to college, just like high school comes before college. It's a test divided in 4 areas:

- Mathematical Reasoning
- Social Studies
- Science
- Reasoning through Language Arts

Here is where you can find more information about the GED:
They also have a blog within this website, with very interesting questions and answers:

I hope this helps!

Natassia recommends the following next steps:

Go to and read basic informative content
Go to and read over some posts