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Ken Jan 25, 2021 877 views

What school subjects do you need to take to become a firefighter?


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Jahmir Jan 22, 2021 693 views

What classes do you take to be a teacher?

#teacher # degree

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Mimi Jan 25, 2021 895 views

Qualities of an orthodontist?

What qualities should an orthodontist have? #orthodontist #orthodontics #family-dentistry #qualities #dentistry #orthodontist

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Alexandra Jan 16, 2021 555 views

What does a forensic psychologist do?

#psychology #criminal #forensics #forensicpsychologist

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jeremy Jan 22, 2021 1820 views

What is a Civil Engineer

#civil #civil-engineering #civil-engineer

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Phuong Jan 23, 2021 581 views

I'm a senior and I want to learn to be a nurse in college but There are a lot of types of Nurse and I'm just want to work as a nurse in the clinic so which type should I choose, what is its name?

Now I'm a senior in High school so it's very hard for me to know enough information about nursing and I really need help. #career #student #nurse

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Elyse Jan 22, 2021 820 views

What is a good personality to be a Zookeeper? What attributes?

I love animals and I'm a relatively quick learner. I work well in groups and by myself. I have a fun, happy personality.

Thank you for your time!
#caring #personality #attributes #zookeeper

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Jahmir Jan 22, 2021 478 views

How many years of collage do you have to do to get your ged?

#career # #career-path

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Amanda Jan 23, 2021 1953 views

What is a Student Ambassador and How Can I Become One?

What are the benefits of being a student ambassador?
#student #student-ambassador

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nasreen Jan 24, 2021 1773 views

Interview questions

Get job early #interviews #jobs #interview-preparation

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christopher Jan 22, 2021 343 views

I am in the 10th grade and im just starting to try and furfill my passion and future. what would be some helpful career tips to help me with my intrist

I am in school and im intristed in going into plumbing and i ahve hobbies of games and woeking with my cousin in plumbing and wood working. Im also very intristed on hnads on work and what would best fit me for these type of jobs #career #career-path

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Shane Jan 22, 2021 1061 views

What companies are the best to work for in computer engineering

I am interested in this topic because I wanna become a computer software engineer

I am in grade 11

I know how to code in python and javascript a little bit.


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Jayson Jan 22, 2021 762 views

What is the normal day of a software engineer like?

I am in 10th grade and have some experience with software engineering. What is the normal day of a software engineer like?

#technology #engineering #software

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Shane Jan 22, 2021 4891 views

What is the best way to start investing in the stock market

I am interested in this topic because I want to begin investing in stocks

I am in grade 11

I want to have multiple streams of income when I am older and the stock market is one of those potential streams.


hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jan 22, 2021 425 views

do i have to have a 3.0 to become a dancer or chorogerpher

#dancers #dance-teacher #dance