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What is the normal day of a software engineer like?

I am in 10th grade and have some experience with software engineering. What is the normal day of a software engineer like?

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5 answers

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sambasiva rao’s Answer

Hi Jayson,
I have been working in IT industry for the past 15 years playing multiple roles as a software developer, Lead and Architect. Typical working day of a software engineer depends on what type of project he/she working on i.e Development or Production support.

In a development project, a SW Engineer will be assigned with a new feature/module to be designed and developed within a product/application. Every day starts with a standup/status call, where Engineer updates the status of the work to the manager or team explaining what was done yesterday, what will be worked on next and if there are any blockers and dependencies for the work. There might be follow up calls with other team members during the day to sort out any blockers or dependencies of the work. After the standup call, engineer will work on the design or development work to accomplish the assigned task. Apart from these things, engineer may have adhoc calls within team or with other teams at each phase of the project such as planning, design, development, testing.

In a Production support project, a SW Engineer will be assigned with support and maintenance work of a production application along with other team members. Whenever there is a problem in the production application, a problem ticket will be raised and assigned to the support team. There will be a SLA(Service level Agreement) associated with each problem based on the criticality. Engineer/Team would be responsible for fixing that problem or restoring the application within the specified SLA time. A typical day of a support engineer involves attending any outstanding problem tickets assigned, identifying the root cause of the problem and provide a quick resolution or restore the application to normalcy and provide a bug fix in the next production release along with other bug fixes. As part of this work, Engineer may have calls with different teams and stake holders involved on day to day basis.

Hope this answers your query.


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Vineeth’s Answer

Getting ready for work and heading towards the office marks the beginning of their active work life.

Reaching office, they sit on their desk, open their computer/ laptop and grab a cup of tea/ coffee or simply a glass of water.

They then start checking for any updates through mails or other networking applications. They look for the past records of an ongoing project and client’s mails regarding the same, and also the issues that need to be fixed before proceeding further. During this time, they check for any upcoming meetings with team, or clients, or contractors.

After some continuous 2 hours work at the desk, some prefer to get some fresh air outside, as the job requires them to sit in front of their system throughout. Returning back at the desk, they head back to working on software development, programming, analysis, fixing issues etc.

Around 1-1.30 pm they go for lunch. Generally the IT companies arrange lunch for their employees. They spend this time with colleagues, having food and discussing on projects.

A typical day requires software engineers to attend meetings to plan the project & sort out things.

An experienced software engineer also takes interviews of the job seekers, train young employees, and check the progress of different projects under him, taken up by his/her juniors. This goes on until it’s time to go home.

Generally, around 6pm – 7pm, they set back for home. Before leaving the desk, they check the progress of the work- whether the pace is fine or needs to be increased, the number of issues resolved or yet to be resolved, meetings for tomorrow, and also any new mails that might have arrived.

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Joanna’s Answer

Hi Jayson,

I have been been a software engineer for almost 14 years. My typical day involves catching up on emails in the morning and attending what we call a "stand-up meeting" with other engineers on my team. In this meeting we briefly (in say 30 seconds) speak about what we worked on yesterday, what we plan to work on today, and if we have anything blocking us. Other team members may chime in with helpful information we may need to complete our tasks or remove what's blocking us. I am usually focused on 1 or 2 software development tasks for adding features to our application. Several hours of uninterrupted, heads-down coding time is always appreciated, but some days I may have multiple meetings to attend. These meetings can include project planning which involves meeting with our product manager to determine what software features we need to implement next. I may meet with our User Experience designers to go over the designs for an upcoming feature. Once every week or 2, I may attend a demo meeting where I demo the features I have been working on. At some companies the demos have been pretty informal with a small group of stakeholders, but other companies I've had to demo for the CEO! Typically my day is probably 4-6 hours of coding (sometimes pairing with another developer to work on the same task) and 2-4 hours of meetings with a constant stream of communication via Slack, email, or other instant message program. The biggest key is having at least 2 hour blocks of uninterrupted "focus" time to write code, but also knowing when you need to get up and take a break.

Hope this helps!

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Prashanth’s Answer

Hi Jayson,

I hope you’re doing well & wish that you have a great week ahead.

The answer is something that I found online.

So what is a software engineer?
A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software.

Software engineers can be of the 2 main types:

1. Applications Software Engineers: Applications software developers are client-focused, they design software for the end-user, may also liaise with other team members including graphic designers, project managers, marketers, and customer success staff to deliver a product that meets all the requirements.

2. Systems Software Engineers : Systems Software engineers that develop the actual operating systems and networks that user-facing applications need to function.

Core skills required to become a successful software engineer:

Becoming a successful software engineer is not just about getting a degree from IITs or BITs. There are certain important skills one must have in order to be efficient & happy in this career:

 Expertise in one or more programming languages.
 Knowledge of information technology and computer systems.
 Problem solving and logical thinking.
 Communication skills.
 Ability to conduct software requirements analysis.
 Ability to adapt to new technical environments and project requirements.
 Interpersonal skills.
 Multi-tasking.

A Typical Day in the life of a software engineer!

Given the fact that there is no “average day” for a software engineer, we put together what a single day on the job might entail.

For the most part, software engineers have very flexible schedules. Part of the glory of working with computers is being able to work remotely and also to work at any hour of the day. Based on whether you’re a morning person or night person, you’ll arrive at the office and transition into work. This time could be spent coding or meeting with co-workers and clients.

Important to software engineering is staying up-to-date on industry trends. It’s a good idea to read coding blogs and chat with coworkers so you don’t get left behind.

Another perk of flexible hours means deciding how you lunch. Whether you stay at your desk or venture out into the world, a mid-day break can be a great opportunity to chat with coworkers and get coding inspiration. After you break, you can jump back into work. Coding is so immersive that the hours seem to fly by!

Nighttime is often when the longer hours kick in. Depending on the nature of your work and company, you may need to stay at the office later than other professionals. That said, your evening end time is typically dependent on your morning start time. As long as you’re putting in the hours and staying focused during the day, you can wrap up work at a reasonable hour. Or, if you prefer night time working, you can get down to business!

Source : https://blog.galvanize.com/what-does-a-software-engineer-do-a-day-in-the-life/

Hope this answers your query
Good Luck 😊

Prashanth TM

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Anilkumar’s Answer

Hello, hope you are doing good.

I have been working for software industry from last 14 years and played various different roles. Normal day for a software engineer varies depending upon the role he is playing i.e Software developer, Product Manager, Business system analyst , etc.

Software Developer/Engineer - May have a standup calls at the start the day where he will update what he is working on , any blockers, what he will be working on next. And then he may have meetings with product manager/cross functional engg teams/internal teams for the design/unit testing. He will allocate remaining majority of the time of the day on coding/unit testing/bug fixing and handing over the technical components to team that is responsible for testing the quality.

He will also spend good amount of time on the technical design/architecture, learning about new project etc.

Similarly other roles will have different type of work and they will spend their day accordingly Ex: Product manager will be more focused on doing market research, product evaluation, talking to customers, prioritization etc..

Hope this gives you some idea about the daily schedule of an engineer