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I want to be a social worker to provide people with the necessary services.



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Stephanie Jun 07, 2022 324 views

Is it better to major in Social Work than Sociology if you want a career in social work?

I got accepted into UC Riverside (as well as their honors program) and was originally Waitlisted at Cal State Long Beach. Recently, I was admitted into Long Beach in their Social Work program. I'm unsure whether I should stay with Riverside when I got accepted into my desired major at Long...

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Stephanie Mar 24, 2021 596 views

Which colleges are great for social work?

Hi! To be honest, I'm was at a lost when trying to find a career path. But once I found social work, I felt like I knew where I was heading. It's about time to research colleges, but I'm not sure which colleges would help me to become a social worker. #social-work #education #social-worker