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San Francisco, California
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I want to find out what I want to major in college and what kind of job I want to have in the future.

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Thomas Apr 14, 2021 221 views

What happens if you want to switch majors very late into college?

I plan on going undeclared in college but am worried about switching my majors too late or too often. #career #college

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Thomas Apr 14, 2021 219 views

How do you know if college is for you?

I am planning to head to UCSC next year as a freshman in college but am only going for a safe route to a higher salary. I still do not know what I wanna do and I don't wanna waste this chance I have been given. #college

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Thomas Apr 14, 2021 202 views

What is the first indicator of what you want to do in life

I am a current senior in high school and going into college but I am only doing so as insurance or a backup because I know you can still have opportunities even without a degree. #career

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Thomas Apr 09, 2021 504 views

How do you find what you want to major in college?

I am a current senior and planning on attending college at UCSC and am registered as undeclared. #College