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Noah’s Avatar
Noah Oct 19, 2021 352 views

what are some advantages and opportunity for advancements in teaching and coaching

I like being around younger kids like k-4 and i don't mind talking to young kids.
#teaching #coaching

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 21, 2021 358 views

favorite thing to cook?

I'm Jalen I'm 18 years old #chef

natalie’s Avatar
natalie Oct 20, 2021 415 views

what are possible internships in special education

i was informed about was an intership could help me with other jobs in the special education other than teaching and i want to understand what those could include, and other information on those #education #teaching #college #internships

shobanalakshmi’s Avatar
shobanalakshmi Jun 28, 2016 721 views

What are the three most important elements of job-hunting?

for my life #teaching