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Atlantic, Iowa
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Dylan’s Career Goals

I want to come back to the family farm right after high school, and help my dad out with it.

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Dylan Aug 26, 2022 287 views

Where should I go for an education?

Being on a farm I have always worked on tractors, trucks, etc but don't know everything about diesel mechanics. What type of program would be the best to jump into?

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Dylan Aug 26, 2022 353 views

Should I attend college or go straight into it?

I've been around cattle my whole life, but have never experienced the ranching aspect of it. Since I was a kid I have always wanted to try it, but didn't know what most people like for education. Is it smart to get an education on it, or do people like it better to just jump into working?

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Dylan Aug 26, 2022 548 views

What's the best type of farming to go to?

I come from a family farm that does row-crop, and cow/calf operation. That's all I've ever experienced, and was just wondering if theirs something different I should try to learn more?

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Dylan Aug 26, 2022 309 views

What is the maximum amount of hours you can spend on the road?

I have some family friends in the trucking industry, but never hear about how long they can stay out on the road. Is there a law that regulates how long you can be out there?